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Project Description
A simple Memory written in C# and WPF.
You can define the dimension x*y.

Also there are two playing modes possible.
- Pairs with the same cards (classical memory)
- Pairs with different cards (find the same meaning)

Change the dimension

  • open Window.xaml.cs and edit lines 24 and 25 (rows, colums)


Change the images

  • Open the folder images and change the following:
  • background.png: This is the background image.
  • picXx.png: Those are the images. If you got a memory with dimensions 4x6 you got 24 fields and need 12 image pairs (pic1x.png - pic12x.png)


Playing modes:

  • classical memory: Therefore a pair must have the same picture for picXa and picXb.
  • Same meaning mode: Therefore a pair must have different pictures for picXa and picXb.

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